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A free listing or paid featured ad in Where To Stay


Your listing appears on the Where To Stay page in the table below the featured ads.

example of a free ad

You can see the format here on the page. If you would like to be added completely free of charge, send the following details to or use the mail form:

  • name of business
  • location
  • number of people your property sleeps
  • brief description (about 9 words)
  • website address so people can contact you


example of a featured ad

Featured ads appear on the Where To Stay page above the table of free listings. They include a photograph and heading, both of which are linked to your website, and a description of your choice of up to 60 words.

A featured ad costs just 25 for 12 months.

Send the following to or use the mail form and we will contact you to arrange payment which can be by PayPal or bank transfer:

  • heading of up to 10 words (property name or a description) which will link to your website.
  • website link to be used for the heading and image
  • full description of up 60 words. This can include other contact details.
  • photograph. Don't worry, we can easily resize larger images to fit. The photo must be owned by you or you must have cleared all necessary permissions for it to be published.

Get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!


Other ad positions

We have a number of other ad spots on various pages throughout the site. For example:

Where To Stay - top of the right hand column - 300x400 pixels - 35 for 12 months currently taken.

Front page - top of the right hand column - 200x200 pixels - 15 per month -

Ads can be graphic banners (and if necessary we will happy to design one for your NNOuk ad at no extra cost). However text ads with a photo work extremely well.

Most pages can feature an ad in several different positions and we can offer a deal if you take more than one spot on the site. Or you could sponsor an entire page or feature (such as the nestcam) for a period.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements: (or use the mail form).

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