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A large collection of unique photographs, video and even Super 8 movie film. Dating from 1980 and ending in 2017. Most of this content hasn't been seen or published before. There's a considerable amount and updates will be added regularly as time permits. I promised various people that this would be made available. Unfortunately it hasn't been possible to make it public on this website as was planned originally.

In the long term the plan is to offer/leave this material to the regional archives if they want it. In the past I have given photo and video content to Newcastle Libraries, Beamish Museum and the North West Film Archive.

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NEW! (6 Mar 2018) Vicar of Belford, 1993.

The vicar of BelfordUnseen video footage of Peter the vicar: in St Mary's church, at the altar, he walks outside and talks to some people. A flag flying from the church tower. Peter in his garden, looking at a bird's nest, then having lunch. Again this is from a VHS copy.

NEW! (6 Mar 2018) Carnival coffee morning, 1993.

Belford Carnival coffee morning, 1993Video of one of the famous coffee mornings during carnival week. Various village characters in fancy dress outside the Hobby Horse shop and newsagent. Baby sleeping and with mum, three elderly ladies, an artist draws cartoons of people, the postman passes on his bicycle, grinning. A shot inside the Craft Gallery and then some inside the Spar shop, finishing with an exterior of the Spar. Running time: 170 seconds. This transfer is from a VHS copy. The original is in Hi8 long play format which can't be transferred currently and may never be, as the scarce remaining technology disappears.

(17 Jan 2018) New Year Fireworks 2016

New Year fireworks at Belford on 1 January 2016Two photographs of the fireworks as the new year 2016 begins.

(12 Jan 2018) The moving of the market cross, 1992.

The moving of the market cross, 1992Video from summer 1992 of the Market Place. Showing the market cross lying on the ground ready to be put in its new position and the old foundations.

(1 Jan 2018) New Year Fireworks 2018.

New Year fireworks at Belford on 1 January 2018Photos of the fireworks display plus an HD video of the show.

(11 Sep 2017) Tour of Britain cycle race 2017.

The Tour of Britain cycle race passed through BelfordThe Tour of Britain cycle race passed through Belford on Monday 4 September 2017. Here is an exclusive short video to enjoy in HD, recorded from two different camera positions.

(19 Jul 2017) 1981: Video of the High Street and other general views.

Video from summer 1981 including views of the High Street before the A1 bypass was builtFive minutes of video footage recorded in summer 1981. General views of the High Street (before the A1 bypass was built), West Street, St. Mary's church, Clark Place, the north bank.

(23 Jun 2017) Belford Carnival parade and field day 1988

Carnival at Belford photographed in black and white on 12 July 1988 - 88 shotsBelford Carnival parade and field day, photographed in black and white on 13 July 1988. 88 shots, most unseen until now. As with all the photographs in the archive these have been scanned from the original negatives. Any dust marks and scratches have been removed and the shots are presented here at high resolution.

(24 Apr 2017) Quarry at Belford 1981

McLaren's quarry at Belford photographed in black and white in 1981 - 21 shots21 high quality black and white shots of the quarry at Belford. Photographed in 1981, probably at Easter. Never published before.

(2 Jan 2017) New Year Fireworks 2017

New Year fireworks at Belford on 1 January 2017Despite rain this year, some stunning photos of the fireworks display. Photography was the main focus but there's also a small video of the entire show to watch.

(27 Dec 2016) Magazine tearsheets

Magazine pages featuring photographs of local subjects

Hundreds of my photographs of the local area, events and people appeared in national magazines over the years, sometimes with a caption which gave the area some promotion. Mainly in black and white up until 1991 and then in colour. You can see all the "tearsheets" as they are known in this new collection.

(26 Dec 2016) Belford Carnival 1991

Video of Belford Carnival 1991

Belford Carnival 1991 Never seen before and a special treat for Christmas and the 25th anniversary! More than one hour of professional standard footage, filmed on the near-broadcast-quality SVHS format which was cutting edge technology at the time. The Carnival took place from 7-14 July 1991.

Extensive coverage, featuring: children's concert in St. Mary's church; church exteriors; coffee morning outside of the Hobby Horse shop with accordionist, chalking and fancy dress; bunting across the High Street; flower arrangements in the church; church exteriors; fun run (started with a real gun!); bunting; general evening views of Belford; Craft Gallery; disco in a barn at South Road; Duck Race between West Street and Croft Field; Carnival opening ceremony and parade (with whale!); field day with jumble sale, brass band, football and coites, Swedish jazz band, dancing, fairground, rock band. The images above are a fraction of what is included.

Hope you enjoy this fantastic blast from the past. Note: audio has been muted or replaced on some musical sequences for copyright reasons.

(30 Nov 2016) Behind the scenes: BBC Countryfile filming at Belford in spring 1994

BBC Countryfile filming at Belford in 1994.

Previously unpublished, this behind-the-scenes footage shows what happened when a crew from the BBC Television programme Countryfile arrived in Belford in 1994 to shoot a report about power cuts. The programme was broadcast on national BBC Television on 10th and 13th April 1994.

Recorded on Hi8, this video material shows filming taking place inside a house, at the Spar shop, the crew relaxing in the hotel and scenes outside a house on West Street after dark. Also a slightly odd moment when a large World War II plane appears in the sky as the crew are checking out a location. The thumbnails above are just a small sample of the many shots.


My interest in photography, film-making and the documenting of events and local history

As part of research for a proposed magazine article more than 25 years ago I interviewed Mary Ann Gomes who was the Achivist and Director of the North West Film Archive. This inspired me to do more to document events and local history in the north-east and north-west, sometimes using the techniques she had suggested.

If you have a project I could help with then do get in touch. However please note that currently I can't work unpaid or provide free content.



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