Welcome to the area of England that stretches from Alnwick to Berwick upon Tweed. Part of Northumberland — the northernmost county. Steeped in history, this quiet and peaceful region offers great scenery, magnificent castles, beautiful beaches and a warm welcome to visitors.


Take a trip to the Farne Islands

The 'Glad Tidings' boat arrives back in Seahouses harbour

Spring is the best time to visit. Boat trips leave from Seahouses harbour.

Puffins sitting on a cliff top, Staple Island.

Puffins sitting on a cliff top, Staple Island. © Nigel Chadwick / BY-SA 2.0.

The Farne Islands lie about two miles off the north-east coast and are one of the most famous sea bird sanctuaries in the British Isles.

An incredible 182 different species of bird were recorded there in 1999.

Guillemots, eider ducks and puffins (55,674 pairs in 2007) are just three that you may see. There is a large colony of grey seals too.


Sounds of the countryside (AUDIO)

Some of the sounds you can enjoy in spring in north Northumberland. Featuring three exclusive stereo audio recordings.

Each lasts 60-90 seconds. They were recorded on 6 May between the hours of 6am and 8am. The photographs were taken at each location at the same time.

First is the sound of a burn, second a point on a public footpath between there and Juniper Hill (listen out for the owl at the beginning). Finally a small oak wood on the Hill itself. If you would like to do this walk, see footpath number one.


Spectacular Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh castle and village with the sea and Farne Islands in the background

Bamburgh castle from the road   Bamburgh castle and beach

The high ground to the north of Bamburgh gives a great view of Bamburgh castle, the village and Farne Islands. While down on the beach or from the road you get a sense of the sheer size of the building.

Google asked the public which UK landmarks should be added to its Street View service and Bamburgh castle was the winner. You can see our Street View sightseeing tour on this page.


WrenWatch (VIDEO)

Enjoy all the videos of our nesting wrens in 2016.

WrenWatch 2016


Beautiful beaches in north Northumberland

Playing in the sea on the beach at Bamburgh

Four of the best beaches in north Northumberland. Whether you're paddling and building sandcastles, surfing or looking for peace and quiet, you'll find something here.


Getting here

A car on the road to Alnwick

Find out how to get to north Northumberland and travel around once you're here. Full details on our travel page, including tips on how to get the cheapest deal on the bus or train.


Explore the area

Main street Berwick upon Tweed

There's lots to see in north Northumberland: beaches and harbours, historic buildings and ancient sites, islands, rolling hills and wildlife, market towns and quaint villages. The photo shows Berwick upon Tweed.

Holy Island seen from the old A1 near Belford

Above: Holy Island seen from high ground near Belford. Below: a lion on the bridge into Alnwick.

A lion on the bridge in front of Alnwick Castle.

Click here to see our interactive map.


Film and Television

Some of the films and TV programmes that have been made in north Northumberland over the years.


Ghosts, legends and mysteries

Belford Station

A poltergeist in Embleton in 1957 and big cat sightings. Read more.


Games to Play

Games to play: Dots, Concentration, Crab Race and Guess the Country.


North Sunderland Railway

A film from 1928 shows the railway line that linked Bamburgh, Seahouses and North Sunderland. Watch it on the British Pathe website.

Grimm's Northumberland sketchbooks

Swiss artist Samuel Hieronymus Grimm sketched Northumberland in the late 18th century.

See his pen and ink drawings of Bamburgh, Holy Island, Alnwick and more in an online exhibition at the British Library website.


Singin' Hinnies

Recipe for 'singin' hinnies'

How to make 'Singin' Hinnies' — a traditional Northumbrian delicacy. Plus other recipes.


Brucegate Dental Problems

A new website about dental problems in Berwick upon Tweed and the UK dental crisis in general.


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Bamburgh, May 2017.


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