Berwick upon Tweed

Swans on the river at Berwick upon Tweed Swans on the river at Berwick upon Tweed

Berwick sits at the mouth of the Tweed, a river that is famous for salmon fishing. The Elizabethan walls are one of the most impressive features and a walk around them (about 2 miles in total) is the best way to enjoy the town.

An artist at work on the walls overlooking the main street at Berwick upon Tweed. The town was painted by the famous L.S.Lowry too.

From the walls you can see the fine Georgian and Regency buildings, coastal views, and eventually walk down through a wooded area to the river with its bridges and famous swans.

Berwick walls

Photo credits (top to bottom): © Jim Barton, © Chris Gunns, © Richard West / All CC BY-SA 2.0

Berwick marketBerwick is on the main East Coast rail line and enjoys a regular train service. Just south of the station, the train crosses the 28 semi-circular arches of the Royal Border Bridge (below), giving a spectacular view of the town and coastline. To one side of the bridge are the remains of Berwick's castle.

Although the A1 (Great North Road) now bypasses Berwick, the town still bustles with life, especially during the twice-weekly market on the main street.

A farmers' market is held in the town on the morning of the last Sunday in the month and the location for this is the Maltings — Berwick's theatre and arts centre. There is a museum and art gallery at Berwick Barracks.

The Royal Border Bridge at Berwick

St. Abbs Head

St. Abbs village from St. Abb's Head.

St. Abbs village from St. Abbs Head.
© Mick Knapton/ CC BY-SA 3.0.

Just over the England/Scotland border, the coastline changes dramatically, becoming much more rugged.

The harbour of St. Abbs, which is about 7 miles north of Berwick, is surrounded by jagged cliffs, caves and sea stacks.

St. Abbs Head from St. Abbs village.

St. Abbs Head from St. Abbs village.
Photo: Mick Knapton

These are a haven for nesting birds during the breeding season. But this beautiful spot is well worth a visit at any time of the year.



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