Beautiful Beaches: Seahouses

The beach north of Seahouses. Bamburgh castle is in the distance.

Ross Back Sands | Bamburgh | Seahouses | Embleton Bay | MAP


The sands begin just north of Seahouses. This spot is very much a busy family beach, catering for visitors in the local hotels, guest- houses and on the caravan site.

Sandcastles at SeahousesHowever, the dunes and sand continue unbroken along the route between Seahouses and Bamburgh and car parking is available at several points, so quieter spots are readily available.

Bamburgh is well within walking distance of Seahouses and a stroll from one to the other is pleasant. It's rare for this stretch of beach to be completely deserted, so there is always something to look at.

The Farne Islands and an occasional ship appear on the horizon to the right and Bamburgh Castle looms ahead in the distance.

Both Seahouses and Bamburgh offer tea-rooms, shops and pubs which ensure that the return journey can be started with the walker fully refreshed.

The Farne Islands seen from the beach


Ross Back Sands | Bamburgh | Seahouses | Embleton Bay | MAP


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